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Work for us FAQ

 Thank you for your interest in joining us behind the scenes at Foul Play Cafe. This page attempts to answer questions we have gotten most frequently. This list will grow as more questions are asked.

What types of positions are you hiring for?
How much do you pay? and How much can I expect in Tips?
I'm only interested in doing this for the money (so its not a question, but please read)
I have a lot of acting experience, and think I'll be great at this! (no really read this too)
What are you looking for? or How do I get cast?

 Types of Positions:
  • ACTORS - Perform in much the same way they would at a normal theater. They also have the additional duties of serving in character (improv required), hosting/seating in character (improv required), and helping set up/break down for each nights show.
  • DIRECTORS - We need guest directors. First time directors will co-direct with a director familiar with our process.
  • STAGE MANAGER - Needed to assist during the rehearsal period.
  • TECH/Manager Assistant: Our manager assistant, handles some of the usual Stage Manager duties during the run of the show, plus basic lights and sound. They will assist the manager in directing the cast for the evening.

 Pay and tips:

We currently pay $25 a show, plus tips. We use a payroll service and taxes are deducted.
Tips typically are about a dollar a head for the evening which may range from as little as $12 to $100+.

 I am only interested in doing this for the money...

We don't suggest doing this only for the money. We strongly suggest a well grounded interest in performing for the love of performing and viewing the pay as a bonus since this does not pay enough to live on even during the busy seasons. Additionally, it has been our experience that actors who only want the money tend to have issues performing for smaller crowds and the audience can tell. This usually results in poor tips and reviews.

 I have a lot of experience...

Ok, so again not a question, but we've heard this a lot and want to briefly respond to this so you will have a better idea about working for us.

Albuquerque is primarily stage based theater, with few alternate formats. Acting in the round and interacting with the audience is much different than standing up on a stage and (mostly) ignoring the audience. So even if you have an impressive resume, you will still need to have an open mind and a willingness to really play off the audience.

We know some people do have prior dinner theater experience (either from previous dinner theater in town or from other towns), but each theater has its own format and own eccentricities. So again we just ask you keep an open mind.

Other than that, please come audition for us, prior experience with alternate formats is not a must, just the open mind to try it out is required (and if you get cast and are stuck on how to handle a situation, you can always ask your fellow actors who have been with us for multiple shows).

 What are you looking for? How do I get cast?

Well, primarily you have to show up to the audition. Other than that...

  • We set up our auditions so we can gauge your natural ability to deal with the audience surrounding you (meaning your fellow actors are seated around you as an audience stand in).
  • Going over the top during the audition is fine (we can always ask you to bring it back down).
  • We are looking for people who can bring to life a very two dimensional character from the page.
    • You will learn the scripted character, and then add personality and even background to make them more realistic (we can help you with that part and so can your fellow actors since often you need to develop history with the other characters).
    • We do not want the characters to be caricatures (we do try and avoid melodrama).
    • In a way you are creating an alternate personality to become during the run of the show (since you also serve in character this is useful for easy improv work)
    • The more you can show us this, even during the audition, the better chance you have of getting cast.
  • We also suggest that if you read for a character multiple times, to do it differently each time.
  • Pay attention to the people who have done this venue before, because they are setting the bar for what we are looking for. If you don't know who that is, talk to other people at the audition, you will find them quickly. We also usually have them stand up and say hi.
  • Wait staff experience is a bonus, but please understand that we are not flipping tables. We don't rush people since we have only one seating a night (and we still manage to keep the total show length to about 2-2.5 hours).
  • AND the ability to improv is useful, but that can be learned as we help you develop the character.
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