Foul Play Cafe is performing it's final show ending February 25th, 2017.

If you are interested in purchasing Foul Play Cafe, or know anyone who is, have them contact us. We are accepting offers.

Purchase would include:

  • Website and domain (Godaddy)
  • Phone number
  • Icontact account with 2000+ contacts.
  • Work and Training documents
  • Branding & introduction to the company that creates our promotional items
  • List of playwrights for this format and how to contact them.
  • Photographers used, and how to contact them.
  • Transition to new ownership and introduction to the Sheraton crew.
  • Insurance policies
  • Established Bank accounts
  • Intuit Payroll Account
  • Clover mini Point of Sale register

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Foul Play Cafe