Foul Play Cafe

What is Foul Play Cafe?

To find out more about us and what we do, visit our About Us page.

What does the dining package include?

See our Menu for details about dining packages, special packages, add-ons, and show menus.

We are celebrating... can you do something special for us?
During the pre-show seating, we have an actor assigned to collecting special occasions. If you let them know, we will include your occasion during the special occasions segment of the night during dessert.

What is the minimum age?
Children 8 and up are welcome, but we ask the following:

  • Kids should be able to sit throughout the evening and not be disruptive to the other patrons.
  • Foul Play Cafe reserves the right to turn away parties who show up with guests under the age of 8 or ask guests (of any age) who are disruptive to leave.
  • Our shows are generally considered PG/PG13: they contain no vulgarity, nudity, or stage blood. However there tends to be lots of innuendo, (faux) drinking/smoking and other sinful behaviors, and some violence (staged fights, and implied), and guns and loud gunshots are frequently used in our shows. See the individual shows page for specific warnings.

What is your dress code?
Dressy casual is fine (jeans and a nice top), but you can get as fancy as you want from there. You can even show up dressed to the theme of the show.

What is "group seating?"
"Group" seating is also sometimes called "family style" or banquet seating, and is common for events of our type. We seat smaller parties with other groups to create tables of 4-12 people each show. Final table size is determined by total seats sold for the show that evening.

I'm planning a party! What services do you offer?
We can accommodate you in a couple of ways:

Frequently Asked Questions