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About Foul Play Cafe

Foul Play Cafe is a great way to spend a night out with friends or celebrate special occasions as you play detective and solve a mystery while enjoying a four-course dinner.  

Shows are offered year round, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM. Shows and menu change every three months. We even host private shows, and offer shows-to-go.

Our shows consist of four (and occasionally 5) 10-20 minute scripted scenes with courses served at intermissions. The scenes are performed “environmentally” - that is the action is occurring throughout the room and not up on a stage. Full show and dinner takes about 2.5 hours. Our shows are fairly intimate most nights, with us playing for groups of 15-60 guests (with special events having closer to 100 guests).

Our cast is in character from the time they seat you until the end of the night when they select the Super Sleuth for the evening. They are also your wait staff and will keep you entertained with improvisation while they serve your food, and you can even interrogate them during intermissions.

Our casts are trained actors with fantastic resumes, who develop unique personalities for their characters during our rehearsals. Once we open, you (the audience) become our final actor. Your reactions and responses help shape the show, and while we encourage audience participation it is not required.

For information on current price and menu, please visit the show's page you are planning on attending.

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Foul Play Cafe opened in 2011

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